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A Wajer De Kapiteinssloep 720

Wajer from the Frisian town of Sneek in the Netherlands has been building the most beautiful and absolutely top-quality sloeps since 1992.

This captain’s launch is a fiberglass boat with a fabulous wooden interior, 7 meters in length.  The classic lines of the double-hull fiberglass are based on the English launches from the 1920s and universally renowned for their elegance and superior seaworthiness.

Comfortable seats, a very quiet engine, minimal maintenance and a wide range of practical features form the foundation for this design.  Comfort is ensured by perfect ergonomic seats which make long trips a pleasure.  Sound insulation is another top priority and many owners actually find themselves actively enjoying listening to their engine do its work.

The Dutch say “A Kapiteinssloep is not a boat, it is the king’s throne”.  The hull is made of hand-laminated fiberglass, the interior completely in solid teak and mahogany and the stern boasts a huge battered rudder blade.  Wajer’s detailing such as the gilded fittings gives this ship charm.  The Volvo inboard engine has a fresh service and purrs extremely quietly in its feudal engine box.

She’s listed for $61,200 at Kielwasser in Berlin.






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