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Another from the “why didn’t I think of that?” division: The new collapsible fuel pack from DacoBlue is designed to alleviate the strain of slogging a giant jerry can down the docks. This is an even more relevant solution for those traveling far and wide, allowing you to easily stow the pack in a boat locker and carry it along on your shoreside excursions.

Built of super-sturdy CE approved 1200g/m2 fiber reinforced food-grade TPU, these packs are well-known for their rigidity and strength against wear, tear and UV light. The kit gives you both the bag and the custom designed lifting harness that you can quickly attach to your bag to transform it into an ergonomic backpack for transportation of fuel on longer distances.

Well-known for its rigidity and strengths against wear, tear, and shock impacts, as well as longevity in UV light.

This bag can also hold potable water. However, to avoid confusion and induce risk of mixing tanks DacoBlue decided to use two designs – one dedicated for potable water and one for fuels. You as the user have can mark the contents of the bag under the lid cap if needed. Pretty cool! They’re priced at $172.50.

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