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Here’s the perfect blend of old an new in boat design. Gabriele Maestri’s new Castagnola Heritage 9.9 merges modern materials with traditional construction. A deep V wooden hull is the heart and soul of this beauty. They use a patented treatment called Wood in Tech Skin (WTS) that combines solid mahogany planks encapsulated with epoxy-infused carbon fiber which is lower maintenance and quieter than traditional woodys. The boat’s luxurious interior features lounging pads along with a single cabin with bath and galley. This 35 foot beauty is the ideal day cruiser or tender and hits 39 knots at top speed.

Castagnola Heritage Yacht

Maestri’s concept is actually an ultramodern rendition of the wooden vessels his grandfather, Giovanni Castagnola, built after he started the Castagnola Yacht shipyard in 1974. We love the timeless, elegant designs of yesterday but desire the latest in technology advancements. The Heritage 9.9 came from a general concept by Nauta Design, with Studio Names providing the naval architecture. The boat’s frames are made of strong, lightweight ash with an epoxy saturation. Maestri chose to keep the wood from the hull visible on the interior to feature its beauty. The yacht is customizable and comes in open or hardtop versions.

You can get one on order starting at $590K.

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