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The British Virgin Islands, known for its reef-lined beaches and yachting destinations, is a British overseas territory located east of Puerto Rico, north of the US Virgin Islands, and west of Anguilla. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands volcanic archipelago and consist of the four main islands: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, along with over 50 other smaller islands and cays. The largest island, Tortola, is home to the capital, Road Town, and rainforest-filled Sage Mountain National Park. On Virgin Gorda island is the Baths, a labyrinth of beachside boulders.

We’re featuring a weeklong itinerary designed to give you the ultimate BVI experience on board one of our charter yachts. Of course, we are happy to extend the duration and modify the itinerary based upon your desires.

Day One:

Board your fabulous charter yacht in Tortola, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Have lunch on board at the marina as you check out the scene. Soon you’ll be off to Jost Van Dyke. Visit Foxy’s Bar and indulge in an island cocktail called the Painkiller.

Foxy’s Bar

After a bit of exploring around Jost Van Dyke, go on to Great Harbour where you will spend the night.

Great Harbour

The recommended dinner is at Sidney’s Peace and Love Restaurant for its family-style servings of incredibly fresh lobster; though we will expect you to be wowed by the dinner preparations aboard and won’t want to eat anywhere else. Hang after dinner for the jump-up and limbo contest.

Sidney’s Peace and Love

Day Two:

Cruise to Monkey Point and visit its two beautiful beaches. Monkey Point is off Great Guana Island, known for its iguana and flamingo populations. Take a nice swim and then eat lunch here. Depart for Marina Cay where you’ll spend the rest of the day and night aboard your yacht charter.

Monkey Point

Like Monkey Point, Marina Cay is ideal for snorkeling. Marina Cay is a small island, originally settled by Perry Mason author Robb White, and its surrounding reef provides perfect grounds for sea creature viewing.

Snorkeling/Diving Monkey Point

Day Three:

Set sail early in the morning for the ‘Baths’ of Virgin Gorda. These natural sea water pools are a rare wonder. Snorkel in them or just marvel at their uniqueness.

Baths of Virgin Gorda

In the afternoon, go to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and the outlying Spanish Town to eat lunch and explore. Sail over to Virgin Gorda Sound. Visit the lux accommodations and amenities on offer at the Bitter End Resort and Biras Creek. If gorgeous beaches and fruity cocktails on board are not enough, try the spa or athletic facilities.

Bitter End Resort

Day Four:

Stay another day and night here in the lovely Virgin Gorda Sound. You will want to take the yacht’s tender to Eustacia Sound to snorkel and get a good view of Richard Branson’s private Necker Island. You could also stay on land and rent a Jeep to really explore this relatively undeveloped island.

Necker Island

Virgin Gorda is home to Little Dix Bay, which is a great place to stop, sunbathe, and sip on a refreshing beverage.

Little Dix Resort

Day Five:

Make your way over to Anegada if the weather’s good, ‘the drowned island,’ so-called because it barely rises out of the water. Anegada is a terrific little gem of an island that is surrounded by reefs that have sunk several ships over the years. This makes it an absolute paradise for divers. There is also good snorkeling on Anegada’s north shore.

The Drowned Island

Day Six:

Take the yacht to Peter Island and do not miss the exquisite beach at Half Moon Bay. The sand and surf here will have you captivated for hours. When you are ready for a change of scenery, hike over to the windward beach and take a leisurely stroll.

Peter Island

Choose between an overnight at Great Harbour or Little Harbour. Peter Island is known for its exclusive resort, gorgeous beaches, and its wide variety of water sports.

Peter Island Great Harbour

Day Seven:

Enjoy your last full day with a memorable trip to The Bight, Norman’s Island. Though Norman’s Island is uninhabited, the water is a very popular hangout. This so-called “Treasure Island” is great for waterskiing or kayaking enthusiasts. Rock formations, known as “The Indians,” in the channel between Norman Island and St. John are landmark spots for snorkelers.

The Bight Island

Day Eight:

Return to Tortola to disembark. The captain can take you to Road Town or to West End (the two ferry terminals) depending on your homeward arrangements. Though you’ll be leaving the Caribbean behind, you’ll be taking the memories with you.

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