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Here’s your board shorts for this spring. Carrie Birdwell Mann has been making surfer board shorts in SoCal since 1961. Inspired by the nylon sails of sailboats, she worked with textile mills on the East Coast to develop a proprietary two-ply nylon fabric that is the foundation of Birdwell Beach Britches. These durable Beach Britches were built to withstand the rigors of surfing and to be wearable for a lifetime. These dependable boardshorts are nearly 20 years old and have withstood rigorous daily use by ocean rescue lifeguards.

A new fabric has made its way into the iconic board shorts this year. Chambray can wear-in and not out. Over the years it becomes more and more handsome. This long-lasting approach is more present than ever in the new 310 Limited Edition Board Shorts.

Buy yourself a pair for $129.

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