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Birdwell Beach Britches has a new version of their classic model, the 310, one with a head start on the perfect patina. Birdwell’s are so well-built that owners often keep them for years, even decades, and they only get better with age. These new Stone Washed versions start off a little softer and more flexible than the standard 310s, yet are still built to last.

The original “Birdies” were born in 1961 when surf mom Carrie Birdwell Mann sewed the first pairs for her sons in her Southern California living room. Hoping to replace the canvas shorts popular with surfers at the time with something safer and more functional, she found inspiration in the sails of the boats docked at nearby Newport Beach. Originally working with off-the-shelf spinnaker cloth, she soon commissioned Birdwell’s signature nylon fabric, SurfNyl™️, and replicated the two-layer construction and triple seams of the most durable sails and an American icon was born.

The 310 board short holds closest to Ms. Birdwell’s original design — lightly modernized and improved over more than 50 years of field testing by lifeguards and surfers who depend on their Birdies to last a lifetime of waves. Each pair of our 310 board shorts is hand-cut from our proprietary SurfNyl™️ and sewn by expert craftspeople in Santa Ana, California. With a simple button fly, a tab closure for an adjustable fit, and a timelessly appealing contrast stitch, these will never go out of style.

$100 from Birdwell Beach Britches

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