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Awake Ravik S Electric Surfboard

We introduced AWAKE’S RÄVIK electric surfboard last fall. Now they are back with its higher performance brother, the RÄVIK S. The RÄVIK S suits the rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use, no matter if you are exploring coastlines, hitting the waves for a jumping session or looking to carve around the buoys in your custom made track on the lake.

Awake RÄVIK S comes with a sleeker design and narrow tail. The hull of the RÄVIK S has been completely redesigned in order to provide the rider with the tools to go hard, without sacrificing the signature features of the RÄVIK. The low buoyancy (30% lower than the RÄVIK) narrow tail and softer edges makes it easier for the rider to push the edges into the water, enabling tighter, harder and faster carves. The twin-fin system make the straights comfortably stable, without sacrificing the agility of the RÄVIK S.



Top Speed: 56kph / 30 knots
Riding time: 20-45 minutes depending on rider style/use
Charging time: 80 minutes
Exchangeable battery: Yes
Rider modes: Yes, four different power settings
Weight: 35kg


The Ravik S is € 16,900. You can preorder now with a € 1000 deposit. They estimate an 8 week delivery time.

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