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Athenea Floating Suite

Don’t have a yacht? Here’s a “suite” way to have a unique floating experience. This aqua pod lets you relax in comfort above and under water. It’s modern eco friendly design is completely self-sufficient thanks to it’s five solar panels for power and waste water system. The interior includes wet bar and kitchen, living room and lounge, master bedroom and bath with soaking tub. The rooftop solarium allows for entertaining up to 12 in open sea air and the sub-marine bay offers an up close view of sea life. There’s no need for a TV.

Athenea Floating Suite

This floating loft is the work of French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle. His inspiration was none other than Karl Stromberg’s obsession for his ocean living and Atlantis palace in the 1977 James Bond classic The Spy Who Loves Me. The Anthénea is split into three living spaces: a living room with plush sofa and minibar, a bedroom featuring a circular bed and relaxing tub and a relaxation area on the rooftop which accommodates 12.

Anthenea Floating Home

Composed of fiberglass, the Anthénea produces its own energy; it’s entirely self-sufficient and completely off the grid. In addition to the solar panels, it features six powerful batteries with the ability to recharge from the pontoon. A sensor keeps you informed about the level of energy and when it’s too low the generator will take over. The pod is reportedly more stable than a boat: It can brave a cyclone—or a pesky secret agent—and the insulation allows it to cope with temperatures ranging from -22° to 104° Fahrenheit.

This floating eco condo starts at $480K.

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