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Arkup Floating Villa

Here’s a new way to live on the water. Arkup is a livable yacht that combines elements of yachts, floating houses and waterfront villas, and is fully sustainable. The floating home is self propelled giving flexibility to dock in a marina and maintain city access or disconnect completely and anchor in a remote bay. It’s designed with hydraulic pilings which offers stability and safety from weather and waves while elevated. The Arkup livable yacht’s self-contained sustainable systems provides for complete off-the-grid living.

Arkup Floating Villa

Automonous Living

The Arkup livable yacht has systems for rainwater harvesting, water purification, and waste management. Its mobility and resilience mean it can adapt to changing circumstances with ease. The Arkup livable yacht moves silently and without vibration thanks to electric propellers, with energy provided by its advanced solar-energy system. The zero emission propulsion allows for cruising without any impact on the marine eco-system. Two azimuth electric thrusters of 136 horsepower each move the vessel at speeds of as much as 5 knots. The thrusters rotate 180 degrees and are combined with a bow thruster for ease of navigation and maneuverability.

Arkup Floating Villa

Safe Living

A key feature of the Arkup livable yacht is its sophisticated system for elevating the vessel completely above water level and making it feel as stable as a house on land. The four 40-foot-long hydraulic pilings, or “spuds” in marine terminology, level the floating home, creating a sturdy foundation in depths of as much as 20 feet. In addition to the added security in rough weather, this system eliminates the effect of the rolling of the sea in event of seasickness.

Arkup Floating Villa

Comfortable Living

Cutting-edge design combined with abundant space give a sense of ease and tranquility aboard the Arkup livable yacht. With 4,350 square feet of total space and 2,700 square feet of indoor space, the vessel has the feel of a spacious floating home, centered on an open floor plan living room. Four en-suite bedrooms, expansive terraces and balconies and a sliding wall in the living room provide privacy, flexibility and an all-encompassing sense of abundance.

Arkup Floating Villa

About Arkup

Arkup is based in Norway and was co-founded by Arnaud Luguet & Nicolas Derouin and designed by Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL.

A custom Arkup starts at $2.267M. You can own the fully furnished model that was featured at the Miami Boat Show for $5.5M or be a 1/4 fractional owner for $1.37M.

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