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This classic 1978 Hans Christian 34 ticks all of the boxes and even adds one. For those that love the best of the best era in classic plastic, with all of the salty nautical stylings of true North Sea double-ender, but crave the promise of a combustion-free future, this one might be for you. The owners have replaced the aging diesel that she came with, and upgraded her to a full electric motor. With her also new composting head, she’s a truly sustainable tiny home on the sea.

These gorgeous Hans Christians were designed by the great Robert Perry, and with their abundance of meticulous teak and mahogany work, plentiful bronze portlights, and butterfly hatches, they are some of the prettiest boats on the water. This one even comes suited in tanbark sails.

Known for their quality construction and seaworthiness, these little ships are built like tanks. With a full keel, they are very stable cruisers in any condition. The transition to an electric motor on classic yachts like this is something we’re very keen on. And we expect to see more and more taking this route.

Our 48v bank is made up from affordable 6v L16 batteries. Flooded which made more sense for us as we could maintain them easier than a sealed battery. We started off with a few bumps, (fault of the boatyard she was in before we bought her) Scott and Mike have been really amazing in their support and customer service. They really stand behind their products and we now see why.
The motor has outperformed our expectations on every occasion. When were beating to windward, 10-15amps of power gave us almost an extra 10 of pointing. We can motor for days at that low of a draw. When were sailing over 5kts the motors built in regen will charge our batteries in hours. We havent needed solar panels as we sail every few days. Our max speed with the motor is 7kts. When we have fully discharged the battery bank, a simple Honda 2000w suitcase generator can keep us on course and going 3 kts.
When docking the instant torque in either forward or reverse gives us amazing maneuverability. No gearbox, and we don’t ever worry about it dying like a diesel has for us in crucial moments of handling.

Current Owners

The loss of the diesel engine also means no giant fuel tank, which creates more stowage as well. She comes with a Honda 2000w generator as supplementation, as well as a 175w solar panel. Listed at $49,900 in California, she’s a very intriguing modernized classic.

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