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The A41 descends directly from the original 28, designed in the 1980s by the late Carl Schumacher for Ralph Schacter of Southport, Connecticut. An enthusiastic owner of an Express 27, also by Schumacher, Schacter wanted to combine the classic good looks of Nat Herreshoff’s legendary Alerion with a modern underbody and rig. The 41 expands upon what has worked so well with Alerion’s popular daysailers and accommodates longer stays on the water.

But still, with all of that gorgeous space in the cabin, the cockpit is still the place to be on these 41s. Fully one third of the boat’s overall length is dedicated to the cockpit. Settees in the forward section encourage guests, especially the nonsailors, to just chill and watch the world go by. The articulated platform in the transom transforms into a swim platform when deployed, while making it effortless to board the dingy.

Underneath, the saloon fills the middle of the boat, and in a pinch can accommodate two guests for overnight stays. A drop-leaf teak table splits the area and serves both settees during meals. Finished in the Herreshoff style of white overhead and panels trimmed in varnished teak, the saloon is cozy and very inviting.

These are lovely weekend cruisers, and Nina, in Marblehead Massachussets, appears to be an excellent example.

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