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Aeropress Go

Nothing like a cup of Jo on board to wake up with the sunrise and sea gulls. It’s been 15 years since Alan Adler invented the charming and cheap Aeropress but the world of third-wave coffee finally has his follow-up: the Aeropress Go.

The Go was unveiled over the weekend at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston. It has the same brewing mechanics as the original Aeropress but they’ve configured it into a travel mug to boot. The classic Aeropress was already the specialty coffee world’s favorite travel brewer, so it’s a safe bet the Go will follow in its footsteps. Daily Coffee News reports that Go will be available for purchase late summer.

Aeropress Go

At $35, you might as well go ahead and buy the original Aeropress to have on board now. And then grab the Go once it’s available too.

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