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Jeanne is a replica of a 1922 Herreshoff Watch Hill 15, built by Artisan Boatworks in 2011. Her construction is wood and epoxy composite planking over steam bent frames with a laminated backbone. She features a 2 KW electric pod drive with folding propeller and is described as in “as new” condition.

The seller describes the boat as a thrilling sailor – fast, stiff and responsive, with a “slippery” hull that leaves no wake at hull speed. She just looks beautiful underway, that’s for sure.


The original Watch Hill’s were designed by Nathanael Herreshoff in 1922 and are a Marconi-rigged version of the legendary Buzzards Bay 15 class, designed in 1899. There were 3 variations of the “15-Footer” built, and all were keel-centerboard sloops with cedar planking on bent oak frames. The original design, the Buzzards Bay 15, has a 15 foot waterline, 24’6” LOA, a 2’3” draft with the board up, and a gaff rig. The second design, the Newport 15 only varies in its draft, which is 6” deeper. And in 1923, 11 Watch Hill 15’s were delivered to the Watch Hill Yacht Club. These boats drew 2’3”, and had a few minor modifications to the trim and freeboard, with a pointed coaming and slightly higher sheer aft.



Jeanne looks absolutely perfect in her color ways and is elegant in her simplicity. She comes equipped with a 2011 galvanized Triad trailer and sail covers. Located in Westport, CT.

Find Jeanne here on Yachtworld.


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