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The seller claims that this Morris 52 is “the quintessential sailing yacht and without a doubt, the most distinctive vessel ever built by Morris.” Not sure after taking a deeper look that we could argue with this bold statement. Designed by Sparkman & Stephens, this M52 was created in collaborative effort between her owner, Fontaine Design Group and the venerable builder Morris Yachts. Every construction detail was carefully scrutinized by her owner and unique team of notable consultants, custom vendors and project managers at Morris.

After producing the smaller M42 weekender, the M52 was the next logical design for Morris Yachts; providing a full-blown cruising interior without compromising her palatial cockpit so great for day-sailing. Like other M-series sizes, the M52 has all control lines led (below deck) to the helmsman so one person can safely and conveniently raise the mainsail, unfurl the jib, tend the mainsheet/self-tacking jib sheet, and adjust the backstay all while standing at the helm and steering the boat.

Windsock II, unlike hulls No. 1 & 2, has an extended cabin design forward of the mast. The extended cabin provides a design aesthetic that harkens back to the era of classic sailing yachts; eliminates the “step down” into the owner’s cabin; provides a larger, more open owner’s cabin and allows more natural lighting forward by virtue of the added windows.

Gloss-varnished teak cladding (finished with Awlwood) covers her cabin sides and nearly all cockpit surfaces, while teak decking has been applied to the cockpit sole, seats, decks and cabin top.  Every effort was made to match wood grain, pattern and color throughout the cladding process.

She’s listed by Lyman Morse for $2,150,000 USD and lies in Camden, Maine.

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