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A Hampton 43 Pilot House Cutter

Built in 2000, CUCHULAIN, this 43′ Hampton Pilot House Cutter, was designed and built by her original owner for some serious family cruising. Designed for utmost safety in heavy sea conditions, her versatile sail plan, thoughtfully designed for single-handed sailing, allows for running the boat from the cockpit. She’s been designed with plenty of room above and below decks for a cruising couple or a family, and her interior spaces glow with warm, Asian teak joinery.

She was built in the orient, delivered to Baltimore by ship, commissioned in Annapolis, and has spent her entire life on the Chesapeake Bay.

We built Cuchulain for our three children—one, three and five at the time—to expose them to the joys of cruising on a safe, comfortable boat. We designed the interior to be warm, sociable and kid-friendly with a deck and rig configured so that I could single-hand while my wife chased the kids.

There are a few “dual use” features: the “kids’ cabin” with over-and-under berths and leeboards is the perfect mid-ship off-watch cabin when offshore; the stainless cage around the fireplace to keep young hands away is also an adult handhold traversing the middle of the boat in a seaway; and, the two nav station swivel seats become dining chairs for family dinners at anchor. The interior spaces are all visually and physically connected in such a way that we can all be ‘together’ regardless of where we are onboard.

We’ve had some incredible adventures as a family and a couple on CUCHULAIN but, as our kids are nearly grown and moving on, it’s time for us to share our dream boat with her next voyager.

Skipper’s Note

CUCHULAIN is listed for $224,900 and lies in Annapolis, Maryland.

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