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A Gentleman's Racer

Meet RED STAR, a 12 meter mahogany bullet. This gentleman’s racer’s design began with her engine – a Tatra 19-Litre air-cooled diesel in V-12 configuration. Tatra’s V12 is an absolute beast. The trick was having to design a propeller that could handle the 200bhp and nearly 1,000 Newton-metres of torque. Check out her cavitating stainless-steel, four-bladed propeller.

Gentleman’s Racer

RED STAR was designed by naval architect Detlev Loell who studied gentleman’s racing boats of the 1920s and 30s on behalf of an owner in Hamburg. The rounded rear and narrowing bow design is simply one of a kind. Her build is made in carvel mahogany on oak and fastened by 6,000 bronze screws. You can switch between the 12 exhaust pipes and two underwater pipes as the noise of an air-cooled diesel V12 is simply off the charts.

Gentleman’s Racer

The Red Star comes with a custom made trailer and its completely restored Hummer I towing vehicle.

Gentleman’s Racer

She’s listed for 1.3M euro and is located in Germany.

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