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ARCTIC MONKEY, this spectacular Garcia Exploration 45 was designed at the direction of sailing legend, Jimmy Cornell, and is crafted to be his ideal passagemaker in all conditions, from the Arctic to the tropics. The combination of her aluminum hull and centerboard allow for navigating everything from glaciers to shallow sand bars. ARCTIC MONKEY is clearly well kept and ready for what’s next.

“I wanted a strong, fast, comfortable, functional and easily handled boat perfectly suited for both high latitude and tropical sailing.”

Jimmy Cornell

When blue water legend Jimmy Cornell set out to create his ideal cruising boat for the Northwest Passage, the hallmarks of the new design were a strong yet performance oriented hull that could be easily sailed, lived-aboard and maintained by a full or short-handed crew. Collaborating with renowned French boatbuilders, Garcia Yachts, the aluminum Exploration 45 was born and quickly received high praise as “Best Boat” and “Boat of the Year” in 2015 by discerning critics. Following this directive, Arctic Monkey was commissioned in Cherbourg that same year and has proven herself through voyages from Greenland to Alaska ever since. Equally capable in gales to calms, her well conceived sail handling systems, dual helms and rudders, centerboard, and secure interior nav station with 270-degree view make passagemaking and any-latitude-cruising safe and comfortable.

Swiftsure Yachts

Prior to this passage I had sailed Aventura IV (A Garcia Exploration 45) briefly on Chesapeake Bay, as part of the SAIL evaluation team that gave her a 2015 Best Boat award, and I have to say her performance cannot be faulted. Jimmy claims she is more closewinded than his old Ovni, thanks to her foil-shaped centerboard, and during our test sail in Maryland she felt fully powered up at about a 40-degree apparent-wind angle, making better than 6 knots in a 20-knot breeze in choppy conditions. Even in light conditions, as I learned during the passage to Panama, she is easily driven, particularly when sailing off the wind, when her board can be raised to reduce wetted surface area. The wheel in a strong breeze feels light and easy, with just a touch of weather helm; in a weak breeze it is positive and exhibits little or no lee helm. One of the boat’s best features, I feel, is its motion in a seaway, which is remarkably smooth and easy for a monohull.

SAIL Magazine

ARCTIC MONKEY is listed by Swiftsure Yachts for $595,000 USD and lies in Seattle, Washington.

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