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A Bestewind Pilothouse 50

You’d be forgiven for thinking at a glance that this Bestewind 50 was an old school, heavy displacement bluewater cruiser. With classic lines, a straight bow, overhanging transom and a pilothouse, it appears that it could be a perfectly restored piece of fine plastic classic. In fact, she’s a fully-modern long range yacht, with a polyester hull and every amenity. Designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and based on the Bestevaer II, she features uncluttered decks, with hidden control lines led aft from mast, and design considerations made to make her easily sailed by a couple.

 This Bestewind 50 Pilothouse is hull number 8 and offers you the best in this exclusive range. All hints & tips from the earlier builds together with the extensive cruising experience from het first and only owner, have been incorporated in her detailed build characteristics. With the use of modern and sustainable materials, she really is low maintenance and uncomplicated to operate. No complicated systems. With her deeper draft and taller rig, she performs better than the standard version of this already excellent design. Sailing with the benefit of a pilothouse is something to enjoy. 

Marc Weijenberg, Yacht Broker

There is also enough space for entertaining, to accommodate guests easily and to allow for extended periods of living on board in an impressive level of comfort. The key design criteria were for comfort, both at sea and in harbor, safety and speed. The pilothouse gives the boat a distinctive character as a serious cruiser and enables those on watch to safely operate the boat from a sheltered position, with an unhindered all-round view. In harbor it offers a room with a view and gives an extra space in which crew members to relax and socialize.

She lies in the Netherlands, listed by DeValk at an attractive price of € 699.000.

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