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Dolvik 32 Runabout

The Dolvik 32 is a 9.60 m long, form-glued mahogany runabout with a Mercruiser twin engine, each with 220 hp and Z-drive.  This allows the ship to maneuver easily even in confined spaces and reaches a maximum speed of about 40 knots.

The cockpit is roomy offering enough space for 6-8 people, and we love the beige wraparound seating area (which can also be reconfigured as a bed).  A refrigerator and a sink in the cockpit provide for ease of entertaining.  Below deck quarters has a marine toilet, shower, a cozy V-berth and ample storage space.

Heiloong is regularly maintained and is in very good condition.  The underwater ship was rebuilt and the cockpit cushions were recently renewed.

Once again, we take our hats off to Norwegian boat builders.  You can own her for $200,311.


Dolvik 32 Runabout


Here’s an excerpt from the shipyard:

At a time when many things are transient, compromise is a philosophy that sounds refreshingly old-fashioned.  But which makes sure to create classics and class.

The history of the Dolvik 32 began with the vision of building a boat that has all the classic elements and is equipped with the latest technology that combines the unobtrusive elegance of a wooden boat with innovative development.

“In order to do something new, you have to know the old.”  This sentence has played a crucial role in our development.  We looked around the world, compared, discovered, rejected and developed.  The result is boats that combine tradition with craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

The style and material of a Dolvik have one thing in common: uncompromising style and technique.

Wooden boats from Dolvik emit soundness as well as originality.  Wood as a material has technical advantages that are ideal for rugged and stable boats.  Dolvik is distinguished not only by the highest quality of craftsmanship but also by the further development of classic construction methods.

A big step in the construction of wooden boats was the use of epoxy resins.  Originally, only the keel was coated with these resins to make them more durable and less sensitive to environmental and water influences.  Dolvik goes one step further with the “cold – molding” method.

The fuselage skeleton is first covered with several layers of resistant marine plywood panels.  Already these plates are glued exclusively with epoxy, after they were previously inserted in epoxy.  Glass fiber or Kevlar mats are then brought to the reinforcement, in turn impregnated epoxy resin.  The result is a hull of unparalleled stability and light weight.  To fill the wood pores, at least four layers of epoxy resin are applied,  followed by another six to eight layers of polyurethane, which provides UV protection and enhances the natural beauty of the wood in full luster.

The result is a wooden boat that is salt and age resistant. The maintenance effort is no bigger than with any other fiberglass boat.


Dolvik 32 Runabout


Dolvik boats are equipped with a sterndrive. On the one hand, this allows a tidy and generous cockpit, as the engine is located far to the rear in contrast to the conventional shaft drive. On the other hand, one achieves an extremely low draft, since the Z-drive can optionally be raised electrically.


Dolvik 32 Runabout


Dolvik 32 Runabout


All fittings of a Dolvik are made of high quality materials. Bronze, brass, chrome or stainless steel, teak or mahogany. Always with the ulterior motive to combine high performance and durability with the greatest possible efficiency and elegance. Where other people’s headlamps interfere with the hull lines, Dolvik has a headlamp on the deck to operate from the cockpit. Instruments do not look like a space shuttle with us, but correspond to the style of the boat. And no matter where you touch the boat and slide your hand over the finish – no seam, no burr disturbs, nowhere a rough surface.


Dolvik 32 Runabout


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