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Here’s another sweet Craigslist find: a 1981 Walter Simmons Design Vintage Classic wooden sailboat, in seemingly excellent condition. Built by Maine boatbuilder Walter Simmons, each of these classic Lincolnville Salmon Wherries require over 300 hours in construction. Made from cedar planks that have been copper riveted on bent white oak frames with mahogany trim, they’re lovely little boats, and this one is a fine example at an easy price.

This is a traditional sprit-sail sloop rig with dacron sail, bronze belaying pins, main sheet cleats, bronze oar locks, two rowing stations, (4) 9 ft oars, mahogany rudder, oak tiller, oak center board, and bronze anchor. The price includes her trailer. She’s been stored indoors and sailed in freshwater in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Developed for the Atlantic Salmon fishery in the late 1700s or early 1800s, Lincolnville Wherries are ideally suited for working in surf and on and off the shore.

They were never moored, and like the boat in the photo (a 14 footer), their plank keels enabled to stand upright when beached, making launching and landing a whole lot easier, and protecting the planking from abrasion.

As far as we have been able to determine, we have built more of these wherries than any of the old-timers, and now we’re fast approaching that age group ourselves. We built our first one in 1973, and 40-odd wherries later, we can say without hesitation that the Lincolnville Wherry is one of the finest small craft afloat…not to mention one of the prettiest to be found anywhere

Our boats are centerboarders. The original boats used rock ballast, and the last of the Salmon fishermen in town allowed as how some ingenious souls used sheep as moveable ballast when they sailed over to the islands. Why? Sheep are afraid of the water, so when the boat heels under sail they climb to windward…just where ballast is wanted. We can’t verify that because there are no photos and no one left to ask, but you’ll have to agree that it makes a good yarn.

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Listed for $6800 in Hutto Texas.

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