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Herreshoff 12 1/2 for sale

Ballentine’s Boat Shop has earned a reputation in classic boat circles for thorough and meticulous restorations of original Herreshoffs. And this one is a real beauty. Captain Kidd was found in rough condition and heavily modified, yet still a worthy candidate for preservation. She is hull # 1298 and was built at HMCo. in 1936. Captain Kidd stands out in the designs long history as likely one of the last Herreshoff 12s built with oak trim instead of the later used Mahogany.

Herreshoff 12 1/2

Notes from Bellentine regarding the restoration: “Her restoration was done with methods to preserve her authenticity and remain as an accurate example of the Herreshoff legacy, but to also ensure a longer, less problematic lifespan.

New oak frames were steamed in replacement of the tired originals. Unfortunately, none of her original planking was found to be salvageable and it too was completely replaced. New deck beams were fit and a plywood deck laid down on top to be covered in fiberglass and painted with non-skid particles. While a new keelson and floor timbers were installed, the original lead ballast and yellow pine deadwood were able to be reused.”

Herreshoff 12 1/2

‘High quality bronze hardware was used to not only accentuate her beautiful finish, but to add a greater level of function. The final touch was the re-installation of her original Herreshoff builder’s plate preserving CAPTAIN KIDD’s long history as the boat is ready to be enjoyed by the next generation of ownership.”

Captain Kidd is ready for the 2019 season, having received her scheduled paint and varnish work. She’s currently priced at $55,000 – about half of what many go for.

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