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2014 Hacker-Craft Triple Cockpit

We found Iris, a sweet 2014 28′ triple cockpit Hacker-Craft being put up for sale. There is something about deep green interior with mahogany that is is simply stunning. Varnish is applied by hand when making these boats. One look at her and you can see why Hackers are known as the “Steinway of Boats”. She’s not just a beauty, as she comes equipped with 430 hp of muscle too.


Founded by John Hacker, The Hacker Boat Company in upstate New York makes incredible classic runabouts and old-school racers based on traditional designs, some of which are 100 years old. Each boat is made from solid mahogany by genuine craftsmen.


Hacker designed the first production powerboat to break the 50-mph barrier back in 1911, and another that exceeded 60 mph not long after.

You’ll find Iris listed for $299K at the factory in Queensbury, NY, complete with certified pre-owned warranty.

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