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Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane

This little piece of history just went up for sale. Racing legend Achille Castoldi and Enzo Ferrari teamed up to break the world speed record on water in the 800 kg class with the Ferrari Arno XI. The partnership culminated in a world record in the flying kilometer: 150.49 mph, which still stands to this day.

After setting the world record, Arno XI was sold to Nando dell’Orto, an engineer who revised the aerodynamics for better stability. After adding a few pounds, he came in 2nd place for the 900 kg class in 1965. It has since been seen occasionally at boat shows doing parade laps, and it led a peaceful retirement. But because it is the only boat to ever have been powered by Scuderia Ferrari, it is being completely restored by Ferrari Classiche.

Now, she’s for sale and you can own her. It comes with a well-documented history file that includes hundreds of period photographs and handwritten notes from Ferrari’s engineers. The boat is currently being certified at Ferrari Classiche, and a copy of the U.I.M. record certification that attests to Achille Castoldi’s 1953 speed record is included as well. It is the ultimate Ferrari for the ultimate Ferrari collector.  

Price is available upon request at Dupont Registry. And FYI, Arno XI sold in 2012 for €868,000 ($967,000).

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