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1947 Trumpy Motor Yacht

We found the last yacht completed at the Trumpy yard in Gloucester N.J. before their move to the Annapolis Yacht Yard in Annapolis, Maryland. As you can see, her owners have given her plenty of TLC and updated her to her pristine condition.

The spacious and cozy deckhouse saloon is perfect for entertaining friends or reading a book. The updated galley and dining saloon below deck has been tastefully done. She sleeps 4 comfortably in the Master queen and Guest double, and the crew how’s its own area.

1947 Trumpy Motor Yacht

Built from the 1920s to 1970s, Trumpy yachts are a study in elegance. Their sleek profile, crisp white hulls and polished wood detailing exude luxury and leisure.

1947 Trumpy Motor Yacht

Although more than 400 were built, each Trumpy was meticulously handcrafted to the owner’s specifications. While every Trumpy is unique, the boats have a signature look and always the essential Trumpy embellishment: carved wood scrollwork on the bow that, on close inspection, incorporates a capital T. In their heyday, the boats were de rigueur for members of the aristocracy, among them aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, the Chrysler family and the Duponts.

The name comes from Norwegian-born Naval architect John Trumpy Sr., who began building yachts in Camden Yard in Gloucester City, N.J., but in 1947, Trumpy & Sons moved their shipbuilding operation to Annapolis, Md. When Trumpy Sr. died in 1963, his son John Jr. continued the tradition until 1974, when a triple play of rising costs, labor strikes and the popularity of fiberglass put him out of business.

She’s currently a successful East Coast vacation charter yacht but can be yours for $495K.

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